Movement is life. Lassitude and dullness swamp us.
Versatility is a prerequisite for endurance. And the mystery of versatility is creating routes.
We are here to create a path to carry the secret of the world's progress to all alleys of human life.
We are here to light houses, heat cold winters, cool hot summers, rotate the life wheels.
Put a smile on the edge of people's lips.
And we are here for

Better Energy Circulation



Supplier and manufacturer of various wires and cables

هادی‌های هوایی | کابل‌های با روکش زد نمک | انواع سیم با عایق پی‌وی‌سی | کابل‌های قابل انعطاف گرد و تخت | کابل‌های جوش با با روکش تی‌پ‌آر کابل‌های قلع اندود , افشان و مفتولی | کابل‌های کنترل گرد و تخت و کابل‌های آسانسوری | کابل‌های قدرت با هادی مس و آلومینیوم و روکش عایق پی‌وی‌سی

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آزمون هایی برای به‌سیم شدن

BEHSIM is the third holder of the laboratory certification from the Iranian National Standard Organization (INSO) and is known as a partner laboratory for INSO.
The laboratory holds a standard certificate of the laboratory quality management system (LQMS) (ISO/IEC 17025) that, besides conducting consecutive tests demanded by BEHSIM, offers its services to other wire and cable manufacturers.
Several distinct tests are conducted on each wire to ensure its best quality.

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Our story

After years of perpetual and planned activity in the field of trade and commerce, attempting to manufacture high-quality Iranian products, and creating jobs for young workforces, we arranged to manufacture wire and cable under the auspices of the Great God and relying on the knowledge of our experts.
For this, we established the ESPADAN BEHSIM and commenced the manufacture of various wires and cables in low and medium pressure sizes. Now, after around two decades of activities, we are pleased to manufacture our products with the capacity to compete in international markets.
We are advancing our goals and promoting the quality of our products every day using the cutting-edge manufacturing machinery and working in a standard partner accredited laboratory.

آخرین اخبار و مقالات

از دنیای سیم و کابل چه خبر


Human capital

You reap what you sow.
To become the best, BEHSIM needs a BEHTEAM (the best team).
In a world where human capital is the prime amongst all assets,
BEHSIM has endeavored to gather the best and manufacture the best.


The best is less apparent.

BEHSIM works to manufacture low-voltage wires and cables.
These wires and cables are existing all around us and in the heart of the walls,
and are constantly under load for many years and bring us light,
versatility, warmth, and coolness.
The quality and durability of these wires are ensured for tens of years,
making us convenient for their performance.
Conversely, poor quality, malfunction, and fire lead them in front of our eyes.
This is why the best is less apparent.
To ensure the quality of BEHSIM products,
we strictly control manufacturing operations in three stages, i.e., the supply of raw materials, manufacture, and final product.

گواهینامه انطباق با استاندارد محصولات از شرکت توانیر
حضور در فهرست بلند منابع دستگاه مرکزی وزارت نفت AVL
نشان استاندارد ISIRI
گواهینامه تایید صلاحیت آزمایشگاه سازمان ملی استاندارد
گواهینامه استاندارد مدیریت کیفیت آزمایشگاهی ISO/IEC 17025-2017
گواهینامه‌های سیستم مدیریت یکپارچه (IMS)
ISO 9001-2015
ISO 14001-2015
ISO 45001-2015
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